Bench Artisans

Beautiful Pashmina Jackets

About Bench Artisans

Bench Artisans was formed in 2016 when Sue Henry and Cindy Goldrick left the hustle of Toronto and moved into the beautiful Niagara area.  (Hence the Bench in our name.)  There are so many wonderful craft artisans in the community and fun shows that we decided to try our Pashmina Jackets in this market.  The ladies love them!  We are very grateful for our client support and continue to source out unique shawls for our new and returning customers.

We are a two person operation.  We source every shawl and sew every jacket.  In addition we make co-ordinating jewellery as a bonus for our clients.

You won’t find us in any stores – we only do local artisan craft markets in the area.

Check our Events page to find our next show.

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