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Beautiful Pashmina Jackets


There are several ways to wear our beautiful Pashmina Jackets.  Here’s some ideas.

Remember when wearing your jacket you want that seam sitting high at the back of your neck.  That leaves your arms and shoulders free when you wear it as a vest.





First – as a nice draped vest.  This way you have one shawl cross your back and the second shawl draped in the front.  Play with it.  Show more of the inside or outside colours and pattern.  Wear the front edges even or uneven – your call.
















If you have a pretty pin you can pull one of the front tails up and drape it with the pin at your shoulder.


So many ways to wear your jacket!

Now if you want to cover your arms – take the front edges and fold it back over your shoulders.


Of course it can also be worn as a warm shawl.  Just fold it in half along the seam that joins the two shawls together and wrap it over your shoulders as a shawl with two layers.  (Great for on an airplane..)



One more way?  Over your head when you run to the car on a drizzly morning…

Thanks for purchasing one of our jackets!  We hope you enjoy wearing it.

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